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‘Graffiti’ in Mingary Castle

A recent news article published on the BBC’s new page entitled “‘Graffiti’ in Mingary Castle thought to be 700 years old” discusses newly found graffiti markings found by architectural consultant Tom Addyman and his team on plastered walls of the chapel. The archaeologists involved in the team date the markings to between 1265 and 1295 and more can be found on Jon…

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Exciting times ahead!

At Archaeovision we aim to offer the best and most complete service possible within the digital capture of culture heritage, working with our clients to understand their needs and offer a multitude of solutions. We can only do this by working with leading experts and as such it is our proud privilege that Tom Goskar and Paul…

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Upgrade of Agisoft Photoscan

Here at Archaeovision we utilise photogrammetry in a lot of the work that we do. It is a cheaper method in many ways to traditional 3D recording techniques but it is often associated with slow processing times and at times the overall model can be poor. Agisoft have recently released an upgrade to their photoscan…

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Unlocking the scrolls of Herculaneum

Having recently read an article on the BBC new’s page about the artefacts from the British Museum’s Life and Death: Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibition it led to a belief of how integral RTI could be within the research of the scrolls of Herculaneum. The scrolls have been greatly damaged and are very delicate, reading the writing on these…

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Introducing Archaeovision

Archaeovision is a archaeological consultancy specialising in computer vision and web technologies across the heritage sector. What does that mean in plain English? It means that we can provide a complete service for those requiring any help with projects that require 3D capture, analysis, reconstruction or output of information onto the web. Based in the…

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