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The Portus MOOC has now been running for a day. It is a Massive Online Open Course created by the University of Southampton and run by Future Learn. The MOOC focuses on the Imperial Port of Portus and the research that has been carried by the University over the last fifteen years. Part of the research that will be discussed is the work completed by Archaeovision members James Miles and Hembo Pagi who have been an integral part of the digital recording for the Portus Project.

The course is free and available to everyone and both James and Hembo will be making daily contributions to the discussions that are currently taking place on the Future Learn platform. There have been over 7000 registered users who have already started to make their way through the six week course. Lots of questions have been asked about the digital recording that we have completed and a lot of our work will be shown over the length of the MOOC.

For anyone interested in learning more about the work that Archaeovision can provide we would advise taking part in the MOOC. Not only will it be an informative experience regarding Roman archaeology but it will allow users to see the potential that digital recording can provide to their own research projects.

The Portus MOOC has its own blog page and various posts will be made over the length of course. More information about the project can be found on its website and will allow for a further insight into the research carried out. If you have not registered yet and would like to take part in the MOOC then please visit the course on Future Learn‘s website. The estimated time needed per week is two hours (although the first week does take longer). Please do comment on things that you find interesting or would like to know more about as the aim of the course is to allow for group discussions and collaborations. Likewise the course has it’s own twitter feed #UoSFLPortus and for those wanting a more hands on approach, the Portus Project will be running a field school at the end of June. Further information about the field school can be found here.

We hope that you enjoy the MOOC and the work that we love to be part of.


Portus MOOC. (Image from the BSR)

The Portus MOOC could not have taken place without the dedicated work of Dr Graeme Earl, Professor Simon KeayDr Dragana Mladenović and the MOOC’s designer Peter Wheeler.



Posted on 20/05/2014 in News

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