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Archaeovision are proud to announce a sister company that will specialise in the Research and Development in the imaging and documentation of Cultural Heritage.

Archaeovision R&D is a non-profit organisation that will focus on developing current and future technologies that are and could be used in Cultural Heritage.

Having this sister company will allow for the expansion of the work that we are able to provide. We will be able to apply for grants within the EU to develop these key technologies and it will allow us to work more closely with our clients in developing the needs that they require.

Being at the forefront of the initial research of the technology that Archaeovision will utilise, allows for a further separation between us and other digital recording companies. Archaeovision members already work with leading experts and have been instrumental in the development of some of the techniques that we use. With the R&D organisation we can develop this further, providing a greater knowledge of the equipment, technology and software as well our expertise in recording cultural heritage sites and objects.

The R&D organisation will likewise be used to run training days to teach groups and individuals about the techniques and it will also be used to organise conferences and lectures.

Archaeovision R&D is a separate organisation and will be treated as such. It will focus purely on the research and development of imaging and documentation in cultural heritage. If you have any projects or research ideas that will benefit from our help and experience then please do get in touch.

Our commercial services will still run and we have a number of projects on going. If you require any documentation, web design/management or archival resources then we are able to provide these at very reasonable rates.


Posted on 16/04/2014 in News

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