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Oleviste kirik, detailfoto orelist

The documentation project of St. Olaf’s Church, Tallinn

Today we are working St. Olaf’s church (Tallinn, Estonia), where we are providing a metric survey of the building focusing on the facades, church tower and chapel for restoration and conservation works. We are using a combination of different solutions including a RTK drone and ground-based photogrammetric survey in combination with different laser scan equipment,…

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Padise klooster | Padise Abbey

Analogue to Digital Photogrammetry: Padise Abbey

At the beginning of September, Archaeovision together with Euro G.V. (Czech Republic) started a collaborative project with the Estonian Heritage Board Archive to re-use and re-purpose glass plate negatives. During the project we are assessing the condition of the glass plate negatives, digitising and re-using the captured content through digital imaging processes to create photogrammetric…

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The documentation of wooden figures at St Mary’s Cathedral, Tallinn

Since mid-November Andres Uueni has been involved in a project called Christian Ackermann – Tallinn’s Pheidias, Arrogant and Talented at St Mary’s Cathedral, Tallinn. The Project leaders for this project are the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Estonian Art Museum The objective of the project was to rescue Christian Ackermann, the most scandalous and talented carver of Estonia’s Baroque…

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