Bradley Manor Update

Work on this interesting project for the National Trust has now been completed. The project involved a detailed laser scan of Bradley Manor and the attached Poundhouse. In total, 55 scans were used to record the external features of Bradley Manor using a Faro Focus x130; 47 scans were captured for the internal and external features of Poundhouse. The Faro scanner was used due to its quick capture rate and integrated GPS. Each scan was georeferenced and to remove any error, the data was tied in with our known ground control stations. This allows for future scans to be generated and compared to the record captured.

CAD elevation drawings have now been produced of both of these buildings. Examples of these can be seen below, as can our animation of the scan data. Laser scanning provided the ability to record these buildings in as high a resolution as possible; these scans were utilised within our CAD drawings, providing the ability to work in a three-dimensional environment. Due to the detail required within our drawings, laser scanning was the only method that could be used. These records will now act as a resource for future structural repair and identification. Through the recording methodology used, the National Trust now have access to one of the most detailed surveys of a Manor house in the UK.

Archaeovision follow specific guidelines related to metric survey, but we have always felt that a greater resolution is necessary to provide our clients with the best possible results. We take more time on site to create a data-set that is usable and we work closely with our clients in discussing their needs and requirements. As archaeologists we understand the potential of how this data can be used; for this project, the way that we surveyed the building provided more than was necessary, but it will now act as a greater resource to work from for many years to come.


A CAD drawing of East elevation of Bradley Manor

A CAD drawing of the east elevation of Poundhouse

Posted on 12/08/2016 in Projects

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