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Two weeks to go until our imaging event in Tallinn St Nicholas’ (Niguliste) church. We have some great presenters and superb venue in a medieval church. Also, we are very excited about the hackathon which will be the culmination of our event. Hereby I am trying to open more about the plans and preliminary ideas.

The purpose of the hackathon is to establish an effective prototype for a new way of experiencing and sharing scientific information, using free and open source software. It could be an app for wider audiences, or a tool for researcher. It could be a workflow for doing a specific documentation task in a new way. Or it could be image processing algorithm to analyse images.

As two days is a very short time, we hope that some of our ideas will take a form of the collaboration project we can work together after the event.

Some ideas

There are many ideas we could do and and I am sure there will be more after two days listening talks and learning about different technologies.

  • App for seeing through the altar
    Altar has 3 different positions, it is fully open only three times a year. Also seeing the under drawings (taken with IR camera) would be fun as well.
  • Mapping and visualising pigments and chemical components
    We have XRF dataset which tells us the chemical composition of pigments. We can compare the value range we have and convert them to RGB so we can overlay it to the whole image. Visualising pigments and chemical components would be very useful output.
  • Data management system for research data
    System which could include images, RTI and 3D datasets  and link them together

Datasets we have

  • photographs of the altar – historical and contemporary
  • IR photographs of the altar (taken with converted SLR)
  • some UV photographs of the altar
  • photo sequences taken manually for stitching
  • photo sequences taken with Gigapan
  • IR photo sequences taken manually for stitching
  • IR photo sequences taken with Gigapan
  • RTI datasets
  • XRF samples data

Hardware/equipment to use

  • SLR camera
  • Converted SLR multispectral camera
  • Gigapan tripod head
  • Possibly laser scanner
  • Tachymeter
  • Possibly microscope with the camera


We have the internet connection, but the bandwidth is a bit limited.

Many thanks to Archaeological Computing Research Group at University of Southampton for providing us some equipment and software.

And if you have not registered yet and wanna join then you can do it at Eventbrite website.

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