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Over two weeks ago we registered Archaeovision Ltd in Estonia. This Estonian company brings together new people who will help us to provide even better services and it increases our overall experience in the Archaeovison team. Currently the Estonian team are moving into an office in Tallinn where they can work together to bring in new business and develop our client base.

Let’s meet new people (in alphabetical order):

Andres Uueni
Andres has worked for over eleven years in the Conservation Centre Kanut, where he led the documentation and digitisation department. He has experience in several Pan-European cultural heritage projects that use cultural heritage data harvesting, presenting and archiving. On a number of occasions he has worked as a ISP-CIP PSP European Commission expert and recently Andres has also started a PhD program with the Estonia Academy of Arts which focusses on cultural heritage 3D documentation.

Jüri Pärtna
Jüri is a graduate of the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography. He has a wealth of experience in the field of architectural photogrammetry, land surveying and geodesy. He has founded several companies and for the last last fifteen years he has run a surveying company. During the last ten years he has also led the Association of Estonian Surveyors. Jüri is currently engaged in the business development and acts as management consultant for several engineering companies.

Kaarel Sikk
Kaarel’s background is in software engineering and databases. He has worked with a wide range of systems including ones for logistic and real estate companies. Recently his focus has shifted towards digital heritage and archaeology and he has recently completed a degree in archaeology.

The new members of Archaeovision bring new experiences and backgrounds. As a team we can learn from one another and develop our skills to provide better services for our clients.

Posted on 10/09/2014 in News

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