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Archaeovision is a technology and software driven company. In order to succeed as a business we have spent many hours learning and testing a number of different software packages to provide the best service possible to our clients. Our extensive knowledge of how individual software packages work sets us apart from the rest as it allows our clients more freedom in the decision that they make. We always aim to promote specific software packages that work best for our clients, ones that provide the most accurate results in the shortest amount of times and ones which are financially viable. One such example of this can be seen with Agisoft PhotoScan. We as individuals have a long running association with this software for all of our photogrammetry needs and we regularly promote the use of it within cultural heritage. In fact many of the people that we deal with have bought standard licences to help within their own research.

As a result of our long running association, Archaeovision are proud to announce that we are now official resellers for both the Standard and Professional editions of PhotoScan. Part of this role will mean the continued promotion of the software which is regularly updated and expanded. Although the majority of resellers will sell licenses to the software, we will also provide dedicated training in the use of PhotoScan and we can be on hand at any point to provide guidance and assistance. Our main aim in this is to spread the use of PhotoScan and allow users to build and manage their own photogrammetric data using professional software rather than poor open source equivalents. We will of course still provide professional photogrammetry data as part of our services but for those in Museums, Cultural heritage, Research departments or Individuals we would be happy to assist you.

The resale of software is something that we wish to expand on and we are already in discussions with other leading software providers in becoming UK and Estonia based resellers. We will update our followers with new collaborations when we reach an agreement with the software providers but in the mean time if anyone wishes us to sell a specific software then please do get in touch with us.

For more information about the software packages that we provide please have a look at our services page. If you wish to purchase an edition of PhotoScan email us at for a quote.

Posted on 10/11/2014 in News

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