Rode project visits Rode’s home town

Andres capturing “Madonna with a donor” with robotic camera mount system

Archaeovision R&D has been involved in the Rode conservation and research project (see previous posts) for over a year now. Our main tasks have been related to imaging.

Last week we were invited to Lübeck,  the hometown of Herman Rode, to document the altar piece and a small painting at  St. Anne‘s Museum Quarter.  Whilst there we also had the opportunity to introduce our technology solutions and achievements to the local museum curators and researchers.
During four days we captured images with a robotic camera mount system with visible light and a multispectral camera. In total  we captured 10Gb worth of data, which will now be post-processed by the team. Preliminary processing results are accessible below and the final results will be compared with the images captured in Tallinn at the St. Nicholas’ church.

Work by Herman Rode “Madonna with a donor” (Inv. nr. 1999/143) at St. Anne‘s Museum Quarter looked through the robotic camera mount system

The project is a collaboration with several institutions including Estonian Art Museum, University of Tartu and University of Southampton.

UPDATE, Nov 5, 2014: Blog entry about the trip by Estonian Art Museum

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