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The CAA conference is the largest international archaeological computing conference and is regularly attending by the leading experts in our chosen fields of study. Every year the location changes with recent conferences being in Southampton, Perth, Australia and Paris.

In the past Archaeovision members James, Hembo, Paul, Tom and Kaarel have all given papers and some of us have hosted sessions on various topics. The 2015 conference in Siena, Italy will be the same as Archaeovision will be hosting a new and exciting session on “New advancements in Computational Imaging“.

The session aims to bring together people from all over the world who have made contributions to new advancements in computational imaging that cultural heritage has and can gain from. The session is open to everyone and we encourage those interested to get in touch with us and present a paper or software option through the CAA submission site. The abstract can be found on the link above but the session is open to different imaging subjects including but not limited to digital photography, multispectral imaging, ultrasound, volumetric based imagery, image processing, feature extraction and standards for sharing and archiving the result.

CAA is fantastic conference, it has a very friendly environment and is orientated around professionals and students alike. Last year over 500 people attended and many of those received the student and low income bursaries that are open to everyone wishing to attend (as long as you fit the criteria). If you have never attended CAA then we would recommend attending, it is a great way to meet new people and for us it has opened many new research avenues and collaborations. If the international conference seems like too much then there are national chapters and if you’re in a country that doesn’t have one, then why not set one up

Posted on 15/10/2014 in Conference

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