Digitising the Ledgerstone Survey of England and Wales

The Ledgerstone Survey of England and Wales (LSEW) aims to record all the ledgerstones in churches throughout England and Wales. Over the past six months, Archaeovision has assisted the LSEW in converting their paper records to an indexed online database.

Our role in the project was to create an interface that volunteers can register and engage with to enter the relevant data on a web form. This web form was developed from a template by Dr. Julian Litten, Chairman of the LSEW, and tested by the Church Recorders of the The Arts Society.

More than 1,000 ledgerstone records existing in paper forms have now been digitised using this online form and are now fully accessible to the public. But the real opportunity for the LSEW is to engage volunteers and members of the public to conduct regional surveys to record and register new information about these vulnerable stones online.

Posted on 30/01/2019 in Projects, Web Development

About the Author

Gianna is a GIS/CAD Specialist with over 7 years of experience in terrestrial archaeological investigations and reporting, including excavations and research at Pompeii and Stonehenge. She graduated with Distinction from the University of Southampton with research specific to the visualisation and quantification of change through time using GIS and CAD. She has conducted all phases of archaeological research to guide clients and agencies through compliance. Gianna is relied upon for the production of desk- and field-based archaeological assessments, predictive models, and graphics for inclusion in proposals and final reports, conducting fieldwork, on-site monitoring and survey work, directing field activities and supervising and training project employees, including in-house, external contractors and sub-contractors. Gianna now leads on UK recording projects and assists others in the company in managing our large web projects.

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