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Continuing with the results of our RTI project with the New Forest Park Authority, where we have completed a number of captures at Emery DownBurley and Minstead, Archaeovision spent a day at St Mary’s Church in Copythorne capturing a number of gravestones. The church site dates its origin to 1834, with the first church being constructed due to the increase of inhabitants in the Parish of Eling for those who the Parish Church at Eling could not accommodate. The church was originally named “St Mary’s Chapel at Eling” and has since been expanded with the addition of a chancel. The recording completed by Archaeovision falls under the Heritage Lottery funded Our Past, Our Future project which incorporates community based outreach within their Rediscovering and Conserving Our Archaeological Heritage sub-project.

The results of the RTI survey, as well as the volunteer documentation project will provide a snapshot of the graveyard today, and will help define a management plan for the graveyard for the future, whilst identifying monuments that require conservation. All the data captured will be made publicly available, allowing residents or visitors to trace family members and their resting places, and local history groups to undertake research to discover more about the area’s past.

The following RTI examples provide a before and after snapshot of the results collected at Copythorne. Similar to the inscriptions at Minstead, those found at Copythorne are extremely worn and hard to decipher, even with RTI. The text has been digitised for those who may find it hard to identify all of the features, but parts of the inscriptions are missing due to the the deterioration of the gravestones


To the Memory of George Lovell

Who departed this life

October 1th 1852

Aged 28 years

A dutiful son lies sleeping here

From all his earthly cares

Lord take him to thy arms to rest

Thy blessings for to share

Sacred to the memory of

Edward Gamble

Who died August 1st 1844

Aged 50 years

Also Mary, wife of Anthony Peckham,

And daughter of Edward and Sarah Gamble

Died April 7th 1855

Aged 26 years

A word to the living. “Prepare to meet thy God”.

Also Sarah, wife of the above,

Who died Janry 6th 1863

Aged 64 Years

The is faithful that promised


To the memory of

Elisabeth Shinning

Who died May 12th 1872

Aged 57 years

Come, ye children, hearken unto me

I will teach you the fear of the



To the memory of


Wife of

Thomas Glasspool

Of Southampton

Who died April 2nd 1850

Aged 66 years

No honors from this world I seek

No splendid love …

But rather beside

The humble … grave

Also of

Thomas Glasspool

Who died November 9th 1866

Aged 80 years

He was for upwards of 50 years

A corn dealer in Southampton

His motto through life was

“Owe no man anything

But love one another”

In loving memory of

Emma Neza Mouland

Died April 3rd 1934

Aged 80 years

In loving memory



The beloved wife of

Henry Silence

Who died August 5th 1917

Aged 60 years

Rest in the Lord

In loving memory



Husband of Mary Emery

Who died March 14th March 1909

Aged 70

“Thy will be done”

Also of


Wife of the above

Who died April 1st 1925

Aged 85 years

“He giveth his beloved sleep”


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