Laser Scanning of Bradley Manor

Archaeovision were hired by the National Trust to the record Bradley Manor and the attached Poundhouse building via laser scanning. Bradley Manor a Grade 1 listed building and is one of the most complete medieval manor houses in Devon. Recording took place using a Faro Focus x130 laser scanner with the exterior sections of the manor…

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Ice House at Beaulieu

Archaeovision were hired by the New Forest National Park Authority to record the Ice House Beaulieu as part of their ongoing conservation work of the building, with the results used for repair work and as an educational tool for the local schools. A Faro Focus x130 was used within this recoridng as it provided the ability to quickly record…

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Pointcloud of Haapsalu Episcopal Castle

Haapsalu Episcopal Castle documentation project

Haapsalu Castle is a castle with a cathedral attached and was founded in the 13th century as the seat of the Bishopric of Ösel-Wiek. The castle has undergone many phases of development with it being widened and reconstructed according to the development of the weapons that were housed there. The castle now has an area of…

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Kazan church model and orthographic photo

Church of Our Lady of Kazan documentation project

Archaeovision was commissioned to conduct a large scale building survey and documentation project at the Church of Our Lady of Kazan in Tallinn, Estonia. The Kaasan Church was built during the time of Peter the Great (1721) and is the oldest wooden sacral building in Tallinn. One of the aims of the recording was to record…

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Insula Dell’ara Coeli

Archaeovision were employed to record this important second century AD Roman building in Rome. Laser scanning was used to record the five levels in their entirety and more on the work can be seen on our blog post. A  Faro Focus 3D X330 was used and a total of 205 scans were recorded with over 7…

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Laser scanning of Pilgrims Hall, Winchester

James as part of his PhD research at the University of Southampton has been conducting a series of laser scan models of the buildings within Winchester Cathedral Close. One of these buildings is Pilgrims Hall which is an important medieval structure with the earliest example of Hammer beam timber framing in the UK. Both the exterior…

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Laser Scanning at Portus

As the 3D recording expert for the Portus Project, James Miles has created a number of laser scan models of the standing architecture on the Italian site. The level of detail necessary to aid the archaeological investigation was important within the recording aspect of these buildings and it is why laser scanning was used. James…

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Netley Abbey

James Miles completed a laser scan survey of the ruins of Netley Abbey using a Faro Focus 3D. The work was based on understanding the shape of the building and was a follow on from a previous geophysical survey completed by the survey. The laser scan model acts a arepresentation of the abbey as it…

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Recording of Estrucan and Roman Votives

James Miles created a collaboration with Dr Rebecca Flemming at the department of Classics at the University of Cambridge using laser scanning and RTI within the study of Roman anatomical votive terracottas. The work will allow for a systematic and scientific comparison between similar types of votives and will aid the understanding of their provenance and the relations…

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