Laser Scanning of Bradley Manor

  • A CAD drawing of East elevation of Bradley Manor

  • A CAD drawing of the east elevation of Poundhouse

  • A CAD drawing of East elevation of Bradley Manor

Project Description

Archaeovision were hired by the National Trust to the record Bradley Manor and the attached Poundhouse building via laser scanning. Bradley Manor a Grade 1 listed building and is one of the most complete medieval manor houses in Devon.

Recording took place using a Faro Focus x130 laser scanner with the exterior sections of the manor house recorded via 55 scans, and the internal and external elements of the Poundhouse recorded with 47 scan positions. Laser scanning offered precise data from which to work from. Not only has the current building work been recorded at a very high resolution, offering a resource for future research, but will be used as part of on going work that Cornwall Archaeology are completing.

CAD elevation drawings were produced as part of the project and now act as a resource for future structural repair and identification

Project Details

Client: National Trust

Tags: CAD, Laser Scanning, Surveying

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