City of London Guildhall

Archaeovision took part in the UAV photogrammetry survey of the Grade I listed Guildhall building in the City of London. The purpose of the survey was to produce a condition survey report of the ceremonial and administrative centre of the City of London and its Corporation. A photogrammetry model was produced using images captured by a…

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Laser Scanning of Bradley Manor

Archaeovision were hired by the National Trust to the record Bradley Manor and the attached Poundhouse building via laser scanning. Bradley Manor a Grade 1 listed building and is one of the most complete medieval manor houses in Devon. Recording took place using a Faro Focus x130 laser scanner with the exterior sections of the manor…

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Ice House at Beaulieu

Archaeovision were hired by the New Forest National Park Authority to record the Ice House Beaulieu as part of their ongoing conservation work of the building, with the results used for repair work and as an educational tool for the local schools. A Faro Focus x130 was used within this recoridng as it provided the ability to quickly record…

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