RTI Dome testing

Reflectance Transformation Imaging is an image capture method that uses reflective side light to highlight surface changes of the subject. The method is useful for the detailed examination and presentation of various objects, such as coins, sculptures, knitwear or old writing boards. RTI has found many uses in archaeology and cultural heritage. This method is used by Egyptologists, Assyrologists, archaeologists, numismatics, and photojournalists to study and document early photographic daguerreotypes. These methods have also been successfully applied to major projects in projects such as: “Rode altar in close-up. The history, technical studies and conservation of Niguliste’s main tenet, and Christian Christian Ackermann in Pheidia of Tallinn, arrogant and talented.

In the context of the museum, this simple method allows you to document and present different objects in a completely new way, highlighting invisible details on the eye.

Last week we tested our new light dome at the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Estonian War Museum. The Dome allows you to significantly speed-up the RTI shooting process. The results are beautiful as always.

Posted on 10/06/2019 in Imaging

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