2nd prize to “Rode Altarpiece in Closeup” project

On the 19th November the Estonian Research Council announced their Science Popularisation prizes. This award is granted by way of competition jointly by the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Archimedes Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Research. Its purpose is to acknowledge the merits of science popularisation and to recognize for their outstanding effort individual as well as groups of researchers, who have succeeded in presenting research, science achievements and research efforts in a generally fascinating form as well as rendering research understandable to a wider public.

Our work, titled “Rode Altarpiece in Closeup” received second prize!

We have been working on the project since 2013, mainly doing imaging and multimedia related work and it is good that we have received recognition for it.

Read more on what we have been up to during the length of the project:

Posted on 20/11/2015 in R&D

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