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If you ever feel stressed, bored or have lack of ideas get out of the office and do some fieldworks. When you come back you are filled with energy and full of motivation. That’s at least how it has been for me.

I had a great opportunity to attend to rock art documentation project in Western Australia, Kimberley with the ACRG student Eleanora and the team from University of Western Australia. As I mentioned in my previous post the main aim of the project was to collaborate with traditional owners on documentation and presentation methods of the material based on their traditions as well as to try out different imaging techniques, such as RTI, photogrammetry and high resolution photography using GigaPan.

More than 2000 photos were taken. Some of the data was processed on the field to demonstrate the possibilities of technologies and illustrate our presentation about possible actions in future. And not only the results were demonstrated but also local aboriginal rangers joined us at the actual recording process.

It was very enlightening to work with people from Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation and to learn to see many things from completely different perspective. Many thanks, and I am waiting forward to get back to the bush.

UPDATE: Check out the ABC story about the Wunambal Gaambera people

Posted on 30/08/2012 in R&D

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