Lubeck 1500th Anniversary

Rode Altarpiece in Close-up

Archaeovision and Archaeovision R&D have been involved in the Rode conservation and research project for several years now. Our main tasks have been related to the imaging and production of web outputs for the high resolution multispectral images. The project has been partly funded by Estonian Ministry of Culture and Europeana Space project and supported by Archaeological Computing Research…

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East Anglian Archaeology Reports

Archaeovision were approached by East Anglian Archaeology to explore the provision of online access to their back catalogue of monographs. This would involve the construction of a repository where all past issues of EAA would be described, made searchable, and where stock is still available, provide links to buy copies. Older back issues would be…

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Armour Heritage

Armour Heritage Website

Armour Heritage recently asked us to set up a website for their new archaeology consultancy. Among their many specialisms is archaeological advice for renewable energy schemes whose developments may impact upon the historic environment. The website uses a simple Content Management System (CMS) which enables them to add extra information and blog posts themselves, although we…

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Archaeoweb blogs

This website started as personal collection of blogs related to cultural heritage and technologies. Currently there are about 40 blogs aggregated within this site. Do you run a blog? If so submit it to Archaeoweb.

Website for CAA

CAA stands for Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology. It is an international organisation bringing together people who are interested applying technologies in cultural heritage context. Hembo has been working with their websites for several years. It includes basic WordPress based website, searchable proceedings database and conference management system based on OCS.

Online Archaeology Guide

West Estonia has a very interesting history and archaeology and through the online archaeology guide project we were able to put some of this online with texts by archaeologist working on these sites for last 30 years, and with images taken by professional photographer. Estonian archaeology is not easy to present as quite often visitors…

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