City of London Guildhall

Archaeovision took part in the UAV photogrammetry survey of the Grade I listed Guildhall building in the City of London. The purpose of the survey was to produce a condition survey report of the ceremonial and administrative centre of the City of London and its Corporation. A photogrammetry model was produced using images captured by a…

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Lubeck 1500th Anniversary

Rode Altarpiece in Close-up

Archaeovision and Archaeovision R&D have been involved in the Rode conservation and research project for several years now. Our main tasks have been related to the imaging and production of web outputs for the high resolution multispectral images. The project has been partly funded by Estonian Ministry of Culture and Europeana Space project and supported by Archaeological Computing Research…

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Kazan church model and orthographic photo

Church of Our Lady of Kazan documentation project

Archaeovision was commissioned to conduct a large scale building survey and documentation project at the Church of Our Lady of Kazan in Tallinn, Estonia. The Kaasan Church was built during the time of Peter the Great (1721) and is the oldest wooden sacral building in Tallinn. One of the aims of the recording was to record…

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Deerhurst Photogrammetry

Archaeovision were used to digitise the South Cloister Wall at St Mary’s Priory Church in Deerhurst, Gloucestershire through photogrammetry. The church dates it’s origins back to 804 AD and is one of the finest and most complete buildings in England to survive from before the Norman Conquest. Its architectural history is complex and is still very much debated,…

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Imaging at Bodiam Castle

Members of Archaeovision have a wealth of experience in using photography within cultural heritage. James Miles created a series of Gigapan images of Bodiam Castle to highlight its potential within the archaeological investigation of the building. More on this can be found on James’ blog post on the ACRG’s website with example shown on the Gigapan website…

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19th century Records of the Patent Office books and Seals

In 2012 members of Archeovision completed a series of RTI captures on the 19th century Records of the Patent Office books at the National Archives, UK. The work was based on the analysis of the Patents, Designs and Trade Marks Office located within the records. In total 56 items were recorded that ranged from stamps to weave designs.…

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Recording of Estrucan and Roman Votives

James Miles created a collaboration with Dr Rebecca Flemming at the department of Classics at the University of Cambridge using laser scanning and RTI within the study of Roman anatomical votive terracottas. The work will allow for a systematic and scientific comparison between similar types of votives and will aid the understanding of their provenance and the relations…

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The Gulval Four Evangelists

Early medieval cross-base, Cornwall

Next to the south porch of Gulval Church, near Penzance in Cornwall, lies a substantial block of granite. Local legend was that the “coat of arms” visible on the south side of the door belonged to local gentry, but it is known to be a medieval cross-base, once supporting a tall cross. However, what is…

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